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About Graduating Champions

Graduating Champions offers over 15 years of combined athletic and educational consulting experience. We conduct one-on-one academic consultation, along with workshops, lectures and keynote speeches at top universities and conferences throughout the United States.

Our mission is to increase Graduation Success Rates by navigating NCAA intercollegiate student-athletes through all four academic seasons.  We teach the student-athlete how to create their own blueprint of success for their personal, academic and athletic goals.

Our Services

Graduating Champions provides educational consulting and professional development services to students in athletic programs in the K-12 and university levels. Student-athletes participate in workshop and seminar style sessions focused on exploring the Graduating Champions model, which is solidly based on the expanding research from the fields of cognitive psychology and social learning theory. The curriculum facilitates the acceleration of individual achievement by changing habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that inhibit and often block high-performance individuals.

Our workshops are uniquely structured to fit the needs of each athletic program and academic institute. Contact us to learn more

I’m on my way. See you at the top.

Student Athlete, UCSB

Everything we learned in the workshop just blew my mind!

Student Athlete, Claremont College

I LOVE BARRIER BREAKERS my life is going to propel into greatness and I am going to bring others with me.

Student, High School Junior

This was an uplifting + life changing workshop experience! Thanks LaDonte!

Student, High School Freshman

Thank you for giving me the tools to improve myself. I am off to BE the wizard.

Student Athlete, UCLA Engineering, Junior

Our Program

Creating Blueprints for Success

Graduating Champions was founded in order to address the needs of student-athletes and their academic success.

Graduating Champions specializes in providing student-athletes with the tools needed for academic success and personal growth through customized workshops, lessons, and consultation. Graduating Champions understands the significance of personal beliefs and attitudes on daily decision-making and highlights specific principles and concepts with a direct benefit to the student-athlete.

Making a Difference

Students with increased academic performance 95%
Students who would recommend our program 89%
Students who graduate with a 3.23 or higher GPA 100%

Our Team

LaDonte King

LaDonte King is a distinguished academic coach and CEO of Graduating Champions. He provides educational consulting and professional development services to student-athletes at all academic levels, including undergraduate and graduate. As an academic coach, mentor and creator of The Champion Mind-Set™, he has successfully worked with thousands of students to achieve academic success by understanding the importance and value of discipline, solid judgment and creating successful habits.

Jermaine Baker

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Our workshops are uniquely structured to fit the needs of each athletic program and academic institute. Contact us to learn more

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